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My Examination

Our examination methods

To give you the best chances of successfully having a child, we offer all conventional diagnostic procedures in-house in Hamburg -– not only for our patients but also for referring clinics and doctors. This means way we can detect any possible causes for lack of fertilisation or unsuccessful pregnancy. Each couple is accompanied by one doctor from the start of the diagnostic tests to the end of treatment. In order to offer you the best possible test procedures, routine tests can be supplemented with specific procedures where necessary - sometimes in cooperation with other international clinics. Furthermore, we work with various specialists from disciplines like psychology, genetics, nutrition counselling, and complementary medicine, so that we can offer you a comprehensive, integrated approach to treatment.

The first step we take with every new couple who comes to FCH is to uncover the cause of your infertility using the latest diagnostic procedures.

This generally starts with a detailed consultation with the doctor of your choosing. In this consultation, you describe your current situation, and we explain the routine diagnostic procedures and, where necessary, arrange for further specific tests with you.