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The best path to having a child

Approaches to fertility treatment are as individual and varied as the underlying causes. Once the preliminary tests have been carried out, your doctor will inform you of your treatment options and then help you decide on your next steps. Which therapies are suitable, and which are preferred? Of course, the answers to these questions differ from case to case. For example, some couples may prefer a method they feel is gentler or less invasive than another. Your doctor is the best person to assess which possibilities are best suited to you, if he or she is aware of your biological conditions.

In principle, we divide fertility treatments into two groups: those that involve fertilisation inside the woman’s body (stimulation treatment, intrauterine insemination (IUI)) and those where fertilisation takes place externally (artificial fertilisation: IVF/ICSI).

Does lifestyle affect the chances of successful treatment?

According to the statistics, factors such as the partner’s age, successful treatment of an organic cause of disease and duration of infertility are pivotal when it comes to treatment success.

Nevertheless, the answer to this question is a definite yes! The unhealthier the lifestyle, the lower the natural fertility. Excess weight and nicotine use in particular drastically reduce the chances of natural conception.

Smoking more than 10 cigarettes per day reduces the rate of pregnancy by 50%, while a BMI of over 30 reduces it by approx. 40%. Furthermore, both factors have a significant impact on the course of pregnancy with regard to miscarriage, preterm birth and congenital defects.

This means that you can have a positive impact on treatment success and the course of pregnancy by reducing or eliminating adverse factors like excess weight, smoking and alcohol consumption.

Therapy risks

While artificial fertilisation is associated with a relatively low level of risk, we cannot guarantee successful treatment and a subsequent pregnancy free of complications. In addition to the professionalism and experience of the clinic, the success of fertility treatment also depends to a large extent on the biological conditions of the couple.

Methods for fertilisation inside the woman’s body:

External fertilisation: