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What does treatment, particularly artificial fertilisation, cost?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how much artificial fertilisation costs. Routine diagnostics - in other words, the analysis of the causes of infertility - are generally covered by German health insurance providers. Statutory health insurance associations also cover any purely medication-based treatment, e.g. stimulation treatment for egg maturation disorders. The costs of further treatments are generally only covered to 50% at the most by the statutory insurance providers. This is also associated with the following conditions:

  • The couple must be married to each other.
  • Both partners must be at least 25 years old.
  • There must be a valid treatment plan, approved by the health insurance provider.
  • The couple must receive targeted advice before starting insemination, IVF or ICSI treatment.
  • The entitlement to proportional cost coverage ends on the woman’s 40th birthday or man’s 50th birthday.

Coverage of the costs of IUI, IVF or ICSI by a statutory health insurance association depends on a range of criteria.

Furthermore, the number of treatment cycles for which the statutory health insurance providers will cover 50% of costs is limited. They cover a proportion of the costs for at most:

  • 8 insemination cycles without hormonal stimulation/spontaneous cycle or
  • 3 insemination cycles with hormonal stimulation 
  • 3 IVF/ICSI treatment cycles

If a couple wants another child after the birth of their first child, there is another entitlement for the coverage of costs.

The costs given by us relate only to the services of the statutory health insurance providers pursuant to Section 27a (“Guidelines on artificial fertilisation”). For information on costs for patients with private health insurance or if you are covering the costs yourself, please contact our accounting team.


The cost of insemination without stimulation is approx. € 250*, of which in some cases the statutory health insurance providers will cover 50% for a maximum of 8 cycles. The cost of insemination with stimulation is approx. € 1,000*. In this case, the statutory health insurance providers will also cover 50% for max. three cycles.


The cost of a complete IVF including all medications and anaesthetic is approx. € 4,900*. In some cases, the statutory health insurance providers will cover 50% for a maximum of three cycles.


The cost of a complete ICSI including all medications and anaesthetic is approx. € 5,200*. In this case, the statutory health insurance providers will also cover 50% for max. three cycles.

Additional measures, the cost of which is not covered by statutory health insurance providers:

SDI Test 

The cost of an SDI test is approx. € 300* (+VAT).

FISH semen analysis

The cost of FISH semen analysis is approx. € 500*.

ERA test / EndomeTRIO

This test is offered to patients who also have the IVF/ICSI treatment done inhouse. The total costs result from the endometrial biopsy (€ 120*), and the ERA diagnosis (€ 690*) or EndomeTRIO diagnosis (€ 935*), respectively.


The cost of PBD depends on the number of eggs examined.
Array CGH analysis: The cost of polar body biopsy is approx. € 790* for 5 eggs and € 1,330* for 10 eggs.
The cost of the genetic test is approx. € 1,700* for 5 eggs and € 3,500* for 10 eggs.


The costs for PGD must be determined individually.

Sperm Selection by Hyaluronic Acid Binding

The cost for the use of hyaluronic acid is approx. € 70*.

ZyMot Sperm Separation Device

Sperm separation by the ZyMot device costs approx. € 185*.

Calcium Ionophore

The use of calcium ionophore costs approx. € 30*.

Blastocyst culture

The cost of blastocyst culture is approx. € 460*.

Embryo or blastocyst culture under time-lapse monitoring

Embryo culture under time-lapse monitoring (for embryo transfer on day 3) costs approx. € 310*. Blastocyst culture under time-lapse monitoring (for transfer on day 5) costs approx. € 555*.


The cost of surgical testicular biopsy, including anaesthetic, is approx. € 2,500*. The cost of the preparation of the cryopreserved testicular tissue for ICSI use is approx. € 270*. This does not include the cost of cryopreservation and storage (for details, see below).


The cost of cryopreservation of sperm or testicular tissue is approx. € 350*, and € 180* for follow-up cryopreservations. The cost of cryopreservation of eggs in the pronuclear stage, of embryos or of unfertilised eggs (egg banking) is approx. € 420*. The re-freezing of embryos amounts to approx. € 110* per embryo.

In addition, there is a six-monthly storage rental charge of € 180* for all cryopreserved material.

* Cost information should be understood as guideline values. Costs may differ in individual cases. We are happy to provide personalised advice.