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Sperm DNA integrity test (SDI)

Checking male fertility

Infertility is always a “couple issue”. Sperm quality plays a key role in fertilisation - and as a consequence in deciding on the right form of treatment: intrauterine insemination, IVF or ICSI. Through our cooperation with a laboratory in Copenhagen, we are the only clinic in northern Germany to offer a new procedure for semen testing: the sperm DNA integrity test (SDI). This approach goes beyond conventional sperm parameters (count, motility, morphology) and can thus provide men with a comprehensive prognosis with regard to their fertility.

The SDI test makes it possible to find the path to the most successful therapy from the outset.

The genetic material in the sperm is assessed for the presence of chromosomal breakages, also called fragmentation. A high proportion of fragmentation (expressed as % DNA fragmentation index, DFI) reduces the chances of natural pregnancy and has an impact on the success rate of treatment methods. If this value is high, it is advisable to identify the causes and take a therapeutic approach that maximises the chances of success.