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Recurrent miscarriage

Pregnancy loss

Suffering a miscarriage is always a traumatic experience for a couple trying to have a baby. The risk of miscarriage depends above all on the age of the woman: in women aged up to 35 years, the risk of miscarriage is approx. 10-15% per pregnancy. After this point, the risk increases to over 40% in women over 40. Such miscarriages can most often be attributed to a genetic abnormality in the foetus. These are generally one-off events, in other words there is no increased risk of recurrence for subsequent pregnancies.

However, if several miscarriages occur consecutively, particularly in younger women, other causes should be taken into consideration. These may be, for example, changes in the uterus, coagulation disorders in the woman or genetic issues in the couple. Specific tests should therefore be carried out in the case of recurrent miscarriage in order to exclude or diagnose such problems. Furthermore, recurrent miscarriages may be emotionally difficult for the couple affected, making psychological care advisable.